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Modeling an Eye Socket in 3DS MAX

23.10.2007 Category: 3D (Modeling) | Modeling Human Head in 3D Studio MAX 03/10

3D Modeling Around the Eye

Copying a polygon under the eye in 3DS MAX

Picture 1. Copy one polygon and place it under the eye.

Activate the polygon sub-object mode and choose any polygon of the mouth. Press shift in keyboard and copy the polygon under the eye according to picture 1. While copying you are asked whether you want the new polygon to be a separate object or part of the current object. Choose the default option (clone to element). Now the new polygon is part of the same object you have been working on so far.

Target Weld: Polygons Together

Target Weld in 3D Studio MAX

Picture 2. There will be a gap between two polygons. This gap can be removed by using Target Weld function in Editable Poly.

Create 9 new polygons by copying edges and place them approximately according to picture 2.

At the moment there is a small gap between two polygons under the eye. Remove the gap by using Editable Poly's Target Weld function in edge sub-object mode:

New Polygons by Scaling

3D modeling an eye socket in 3DS MAX

Picture 3. Copy new polygons around the eye.

Activate the border sub-object mode in Editable Poly. In the border mode you can select all edges that circle the element by one click.

Click one of the outer edges to select all outer edges (border) of the eye. Create new polygons by scaling with shift key pressed and place them according to picture 3.

Now the socket for the eye is complete. Later you might be interested about how to create eyes in 3DS MAX. If so I recommend reading the following tutorials:

Polygons by Copying Edges

3D modeling a nose with polygons in 3D Studio MAX

Picture 4. Create new polygons by copying edges.

Create new polygons by copying edges according to picture 4. Start from the corner of the eye and remember to check location of each polygon both in Front and Right views. Use Editable Poly's Target Weld if necessary.

Polygons with the Create Function

3D modeling a face

Picture 5. Create new polygons by using Create function.

Create four new polygons according to picture 5 by using Editable Poly's Create function. Creating four sided polygons with Create function:

Page 4: Modeling a nose in 3DS MAX

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