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Modeling a Nose in 3DS MAX

23.10.2007 Category: 3D (Modeling) | Modeling Human Head in 3D Studio MAX 04/10

Cut Function in Editable Poly

Polygons with cut function in 3D Studio MAX

Picture 1. Cut function in Editable Poly is an easy way of creating new polygons.

Divide the two upper polygons into three parts according to picture 1 by using Editable Poly's Cut function. Using the Cut:

After cutting the polygons place them according to picture 1.

Polygons with the Create Function

3D modeling a nose with polygons with Create function

Picture 2. Create new polygons by using Create function in Editable Poly and by copying edges.

Fill the hole in the nose by creating 9 new polygons according to picture 2. Create the new polygons by copying edges and using Editable Poly's Create function. Use Target Weld to weld vertices together when necessary.

Polygons by Copying Edges

Polygons under the nose in 3DS MAX

Picture 3. Create two new polygons. Remember to weld edges of adjacent faces when necessary.

Create two new polygons by copying edges and place them according to the picture 3.

Editable Poly: Target Weld

Always remember to weld edges or vertices of adjacent polygons by using Editable Poly's Target Weld function. There should never be duplicate vertices or edges in a 3D model.

The Lower Part of the Nose

Modeling lower part of the nose in 3D Studio MAX

Picture 4. Structure of the lower part of the nose.

Fill the hole in the lower part of the nose by creating 7 new four edged polygons according to picture 4. There will be a hole in the middle of the new polygons for the nostril.

Nostrils with the Extrude Function

Nostril with 3DS MAX Extrude function

Picture 5. Nostrils are easy to model with Editable Poly's Extrude function.

Fill the hole with one three sided polygon and one four sided polygon. Select the two new polygons and create the nostril by using Editable Poly's Extrude function according to picture 5:

Page 5: Complete the face in 3DS MAX

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