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Here you find all my 3D tutorials. All these 3D tutorials are made with 3DS MAX. However, many of them provide general instructions and workflow examples about 3D graphics therefore might work in other 3D packages as well. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions concerning my 3D tutorials.


3D Tutorials Elsewhere

Some of my 3D tutorials are on other sites:

Rendering a Planet in 3D Studio MAX

Planet rendering tutorial

25.04.2009 Category: 3D tutorials
This is my first space effect tutorial. The tutorial covers the creation of a 3D planet render in 3DS MAX. Everything about modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering is explained step by step. You won't need any textures with this tutorial since all materials use procedural maps only.

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Rendering Diamonds with Mental Ray in 3DS MAX

Diamonds in 3DS MAX (3D tutorials)

04.08.2008 Category: 3D Tutorials (Rendering)
This 3D tutorial has two purposes: A) To familiarize you with Mental Ray in 3DS MAX. B) To learn to create material for diamonds and to render them. The tutorials covers for example the use of Mental Ray's Final Gather and caustics effects.

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Cell Shading in 3D Studio MAX

Cell shading rendering in 3DS MAX

12.07.2008 Category: 3D Tutorials (Rendering)
In 3D graphics cell shading (also called cartoon shading or toon shading) means a material / rendering method that produces to a result that looks like a hand drawn picture. The purpose of cell shading is to create a rendering that looks like cartoon or comic book style. In this 3D tutorial I cover a method of doing cell shading in 3DS MAX with the scanline renderer.

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Poly Modeling

Spoon polygons modeling (3D tutorial)

06.06.2008 Category: 3D Tutorials (Modeling)
This 3D tutorial is aimed for beginners who wish to learn to create 3D models of complicated objects. This is a tutorial for those who wish to practice a modeling technique before starting a more complicated project such as modeling a human head. In this tutorial we'll create a 3D model of a spoon like in the picture on the left. The spoon will be created by using a poly modeling and subdivision surface techniques.

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Creating a Simple Tornado in 3DS MAX

3d tornado

27.01.2008 Category: 3D Tutorials (Animation)
In this 3D tutorial I cover the creation of a simple tornado in 3DS MAX. The tornado is created by forcing particles to follow a path, animating the path with modifiers and adding motion blur to the particles. This tutorial is pretty simple but you still need some experience with 3DS MAX to be able to follow this tutorial.

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Modeling Human Head in 3D Studio MAX

Head in 3DS MAX (3D tutorials)

23.10.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Modeling)
Human head is one of the most difficult subjects to model believably. The structure and form of a human face is so familiar to everyone that even a small fault in the 3D model is easy to notice. This 3D tutorial covers the 3D modeling of a human head in 3D Studio MAX using polygons. The head is modeled roughly using polygons. The head will get its final form when Meshsmooth modifier is added to it. When the Meshsmooth modifier is added to it the head becomes a so called subdivision surface.

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Photo Montage

Photo montage 3D tutorial

05.10.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Rendering)
Photo montage means a picture where 3D model is rendered inside of a photograph. Picture on the left is an example of this kind of picture. The goal is to make the 3D model inside of the photo look as natural as possible. In high quality photo montages 3D models are conceived as part of the photograph. In this 3D tutorial I cover the making of a photo montage in 3D Studio MAX.

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Wire and Isoline Clay Render in 3DS MAX

Wire rendering (3D tutorial)

27.08.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Rendering)
In 3D graphics the structure of the model often matters a lot. Well built model renders and animates nicely. When a clay render is created out of a 3D model, one often wants to show also the structure of the model. In this 3D tutorial I cover clay rendering where also the structure (wire / edges) of the model is shown as an addition to the surface.

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Clay Render with Mental Ray

3D tutorials about clay render

27.08.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Rendering)
Incomplete models (wip) are often rendered with a clay render technique. Clay render means a rendering which looks like a picture of a clay model. In this 3D tutorial I cover a clay render technique in 3D Studio MAX using Mental Ray renderer. If you are not familiar with the clay render concept I encourage you to first read about materials, background and lighting from my tutorial: Clay Render in 3DS MAX.

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Three-Point Lighting in 3D Studio MAX

Model illuminated with Three-point lighting in 3DS MAX

09.08.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Lighting)
Three-point lighting is a very common lighting technique used in cinematography and photography. Three-point lighting is a very flexible technique and it can be used to illuminate the subject in an attractive way. Three-point lighting consists of three separate lights which can be used to control the lighting, shading and shadows of the subject: 1. Key light 2. Fill light 3. Back light / Rim light.

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Easy Global Illumination with Light Tracer

Simple global illumination example picture

21.06.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Lighting)
Too often 3D models are rendered without a proper lighting. Lighting has a very big influence on how the final image will look like. In this tutorial I cover the use of simple global illumination in 3D Studio MAX. Global illumination means lighting model which takes into account the bouncing of light from surfaces. As a result objects receive indirect illumination and the rendering will be more realistic. GI is commonly used acronym for Global Illumination.

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Clay Render with Light Tracer

Clay rendering of a dragon

21.06.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Rendering)
Unfinished models (wip) are often rendered with clay render technique. Clay render means a rendering which looks like a picture of a clay model. In this tutorial I cover easy clay rendering technique in 3DS MAX. This 3D tutorial is designed for 3D Studio MAX 9 and therefore some things might be little different in earlier versions.

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Chrome Chain in 3DS MAX

Chrome chain 3D tutorial

21.06.2007 Category: 3D Tutorials (Modeling)
In this 3D tutorial you create a simple 3D chain like the one in the picture on the left by using cone objects in 3D Studio MAX. The purpose of this 3D tutorial is not to model a chain as effectively as possible. Instead the purpose is to teach beginners the usage of standard primitives, modifiers and materials.

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