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Technically Flawless Photo

12.06.2007 Category: Photography
I think it is wise to first learn how to take technically flawless photo and only after that study image composition. A photo is technically successful when it is:

Of course in addition to these one could also think about other factors, but I think they are less important and fixable in post processing.

Sharp Photo

Sharp photo about balearica regulorum

Picture 1. Technically flawless photo is sharp. Balearica regulorum drinking.

A photo should always be as sharp as possible. The most common reason for a blurred photo is the shaking of camera when taking the photo. This is common when shooting hand held. When taking photo one should always concentrate holding the camera still. Orthodox firing of the camera helps to minimize camera shake. If the occasion allows one should fire the camera with squeezing motion without knowing the exact moment when the picture is taken. Other thing that helps to minimize camera shake is orthodox hold of the camera. Left palm of hand holds the objective and elbows are fixed to body.

It is always recommended to use a tripod. However tripod is especially needed when shooting with slow shutter speeds and with long focal lengths. In magnified image camera shake is also magnified.

Photo with Correct Exposure

Correctly exposed photo about sunset

Picture 2. Technically flawless photo has correct exposure.

Exposure is correct in technically flawless photo. Usually correct exposure means that there are no completely white or black pixels in the photo. However this is not always possible. The worst mistake is blowing up the highlights of the photo. This means over exposed pixels which are completely white. If the camera can't capture the contrast of the view, it's better that the photo is partly under exposed than partly over exposed.

Sometimes photo might be under exposed on purpose to create a certain mood. Exposure can be adjusted with shutter speed, aperture and focal length.

Correctly Focused Photo

Correctly focused photo about a turtle

Picture 3. Technically flawless photo is focused to the right spot and has suitable depth of field.

A photo should be focused into the right spot. A photo is not always sharp all around. Therefore it's very important to decide beforehand the spot which should appear sharp in the photo.

Suitable Depth of Field in a Photo

A photo has certain depth of field, which can be adjusted. Depth of field means the area in front of and behind of point of focus which appears sharp enough. One should always decide beforehand what is the suitable depth of field for the photo. One should decide whether shallow or large depth of field is needed.