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How to Take a Good Photo?

Technically flawless photo with working composition

Picture 1. A successful photo is technically flawless and it has working composition. Also the right moment can be crucial for example when photographing a sunset.

12.06.2007 Category: Photography
When I started photography I often pondered one question: how to take a good photo? I researched the subject quite a bit and came to the following conclusion. I think that successful photographs usually have from two to four similar factors which are in order of importance:

I think that the first two factors are almost the requirements for a successful photo but factors three and four are necessarily not . It's often enough if a photo is technically good and the composition works. Of course the right moment and an interesting subject also play very important roles. On the other hand, sometimes bad technical quality can be forgiven for example because of a great composition and an exceptionally interesting subject.

The list above is my opinion and I am sure it's not perfect. The matter can of course be observed also from other perspectives such as based on purpose of use.

Good Composition

I think that the most important factor in a successful photo is image composition. A good composition can turn a boring subject into a very interesting photo. On the other hand, a spectacular subject can lead to a boring photo in a failed composition.

High Technical Quality

High technical quality in a photo is very important. Automatism of camera doesn't always guarantee a technically flawless photo. There is lot to learn in this area. Technical success requires a good knowledge about equipment and a lot of experience about different shooting conditions.

The Right Moment

Taking the photo exactly at the right moment is challenging but when successful it can bring enormous amount of interest into the photo. The right moment can mean for example a certain happening or ideal weather conditions.

An Interesting Subject

An interesting subject helps to create a successful photo. An interesting subject can be for example a different or a rare subject. It's important to find a interesting subject, but in my opinion not as important as the first two factors. A peculiar point of view or composition can turn a boring subject into an interesting photo.