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Meshsmooth & Symmetry Modifier

06.06.2008 Category: 3D (Modeling)
At this stage its a good idea to take advantage of the Symmetry modifier and the Meshsmooth modifier.

4. Clone the 3D Model

Let's clone the 3D model and add modifiers to it:

5. Add the Symmetry Modifier

Symmetry modifier in 3DS MAX

Picture 1. The Symmetry modifier is added to the reference.

6. Add the Meshsmooth Modifier

Meshsmooth modifier in 3D Studio MAX

Picture 2. The Meshsmooth modifier is added to the reference.

7. Continue Polygon Modeling

Four selected polygons

Picture 3. Four new polygons are created by cloning edges.

Let's go on with the polygon modeling. The modeling work is still done with the original coarse model. Next to it we see in real time how the final mirrored and smoothed (subdivided) model builds up.

8. Create New Polygons by Cloning Edges

Three selected polys in 3D Studio MAX

Picture 4. Three new polygons are created.

9. Weld Vertices Together

Welding vertices

Picture 5. Vertices are welded together with Target Weld.

Activate the vertex sub-object mode and use Target Weld function to weld vertices together according to picture 5. Target Weld works like this: Click one at a time on the two vertices you wish to weld. Finally deactivate Target Weld function by clicking the right mouse button.

10. Move Vertices

Placing vertices in 3DS MAX

Picture 6. Vertices are moved to the center of the spoon.

Switch to the Top view and move two vertices to the center of the spoon according to picture 6. Apply sections 8-10 for the upper part of the spoon as well.

11. Shape the Spoon

Shaping the bowl of the spoon by moving vertices down

Picture 7. The bowl of the spoon is shaped by moving vertices down.

Move four vertices according to picture 7. The 3D model starts to resemble a spoon but it looks flat. It doesn't have enough details. Details can be added by adding new polygons to it and by moving them.

Page 3: Edit Poly - Adding details

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