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Photography with a Table Tripod

Manfrotto 709b table tripod closed

Picture 1. Closed length of Manfrotto 709b table tripod is 19cm.

17.08.2007 Category: Photography
When I am on holiday I like to carry my camera everywhere but I don't always feel like carrying my tripod with me because of its weight and size. However, I still like to be prepared to photograph with slow shutter speeds if that special situation presents itself. My solution is to always carry a table top tripod in my camera bag. My experiences have shown it to be a very useful item for me. Sometimes it just saves the day. I have tried several table tripods and today I carry Manfrotto 709B Table Tripod. I think that many table tripods are incapable of properly supporting SLR type cameras but Manfrotto 709B does it very well.

Manfrotto 709B Table Top Tripod

Manfrotto 709b table tripod open

Picture 2. Manfrotto 709b table tripod open.

Closed length of Manfrotto 709b table top tripod is 19cm and it weights 0.2kg. As Manfrotto claims the tripod is very sturdy and stable. It's suitable even for SLR type cameras with light lenses and for small camcorders. According to Manfrotto, it can support up to 2kg. I have used this tripod successfully with Canon EOS 400D and Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM. I think the tripod supports this setup well even without a tripod collar. Naturally, you have to be very careful with this kind of setup and one leg of the tripod has to be in line with the lens.

Real Photography Situations

Manfrotto 709b table tripod and Canon EOS 400D digital camera

Picture 3. Manfrotto 709b table top tripod is sturdy enough to hold a SLR camera. In the picture it holds Canon EOS 400D with Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM.

Sunset on the island of Phuket in Thailand

Picture 4. The photo above was taken in Phuket with a bridge camera supported by a table tripod.

I was on holiday in Thailand with my family and I didn't want to carry too much photography gear because it was a holiday:) However, I did have my camera and a table tripod with me most of the time. Picture 4 is an example of a photo that I wouldn't have been able to capture without my table tripod. I placed my tripod on a masonry next to the beach and therefore was able to use slower shutter speed to capture the sunset. My experiences of the use of table top tripods have been very positive, so I recommend to always carry a table tripod with you because sometimes it really can save the day!